Carmel Edwards - Proofreader

Proofreading services

My proofreading services extend beyond mere spelling and grammar checks. By ensuring accuracy and eliminating mistakes, I help you convey a clear professional image. Allow me to refine the flow, tone, and style of your documents, enhancing readability and effectively communicating your message.

Don't let minor errors and inconsistencies divert your readers' attention or diminish your reputation.

My proofreading service includes

  • Sense check.
  • Thorough spelling and grammar review.
  • Formatting and punctuation check.
  • Identification of repetition or inconsistencies.
  • Clear comments or notes to flag up queries.
  • Suggestions to help you rewrite text to improve tone and flow.
  • Work with written or digital content, such as Word or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Mark-up in your preferred style, whether tracked changes, comments, or another alternative.

Timescales & Confidentiality

I liaise closely with clients to establish realistic deadlines. Estimates are tailored for each client and usually based on an hourly rate. I have the flexibility to take some work at short notice.

Your confidentiality is paramount. All documents are treated with the utmost discretion, using encrypted and secure methods. Once you have approved a finished document, I will store it securely for an agreed period, usually around 6 months, before deleting it from my files.

For your peace of mind, I am DBS checked and am fully covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

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