Programme Officer

I am a highly organised professional with experience in local government, further education and the commercial sector. I am used to being the person responsible for getting things done. 

I have excellent communication skills and provide a knowledgeable and intelligent channel of communication between the inspector and the Council, rather than just a ‘post-box’. 

I have sixteen years’ experience as Programme Officer, Inquiry Manager or Panel Secretary for RSS EiPs, often dealing with complex and politically sensitive issues.  My work has covered a range of inquiries from Local Plans, Waste & Mineral Plans, Transport inquiries and CIL examinations.  I have also run seven EiPs for the Greater London Authority/Mayor of London, including two full revisions of the London Plan.

There are four key skills I bring to any inquiry/examination: 

  • I can enter a situation and assess very quickly what needs to be done, settle in, gain trust, and start working effectively from my first day. 
  • I am an excellent organiser and project manager, paying attention to the smallest detail whilst keeping an overview of the whole. 
  • I am very good at troubleshooting and problem solving if things don’t go to plan.  I often act as a quality control to the process.
  • I also bring experience, which is always reassuring for the inspector, and have been described by an inspector as ‘efficiency personified’.