I have developed my proofreading skills during my careers as an information professional and project manager. In 2020 I formalised my proofreading skills by taking an industry-recognised qualification.  I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). 

I have experience of proofreading and copy-editing planning and medico-legal documents which require particular care and attention to detail.

My ambition is to develop links with small and medium sized businesses to offer a bespoke service, offering a range of proofreading services that are fast, affordable and high quality. I believe passionately in the importance of local and small businesses which put money back into the community and help build stronger communities.


I have had my own business for fourteen years so I am self-motivated and continue to explore new ideas and learn from each contract. 

  • Used to working to strict targets and tight deadlines. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the English language.
  • Experience of proofreading and copy editing.
  • A meticulous and focused working style.
  • A reputation for accuracy and great attention to detail. 
  • An ability to develop relationships quickly that demonstrate trust, commitment and co-operation. 
  • Knowledge of digital proofreading using Word or Adobe Acrobat.