The years rush round again, and 26th September 2015 brought Wirksworth Community Choir’s annual Choral Day, bringing together a large ‘come and sing’ choir.  As usual it was a very enjoyable day, plenty of hard work, laughter and that special sense of community sharing beautiful music with like minded folk.  The programme was varied with old favourites such as Parry’s ‘I was glad’, and Handel’s Zadok the priest, and culminated in Bach’s Magnificat.  It was interesting to give up my usual top soprano part, and quickly learn the second soprano solos instead, and  I was especially happy with the arrangement when I heard the talented young woman who joined us for the day.  It is always delightful to see young singers starting out on their journey, and share the thrill of hearing moments of great promise.  The trio, Suscepit Israel, was one of those sublime moments when you are part of something so special you don’t want it to end, and judging by the breathless pause at the end of it, neither did the audience!  The best summary of the day comes from the Wirksworth Community Choir Facebook page:

“just when you might have thought exhaustion would rule, Parry lifted us, Stanford and Handel set us straight, and Bach sent us to heaven!”

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