Archive | February 2020

Welcome back Dido!

On Saturday 25 January I was delighted to take part in another concert with Moot Point Music – a group of local musicians specialising in Baroque music on period instruments.

The concert had originally been planned for Remembrance weekend so it seemed appropriate to sing Dido’s lament. In the event we had to postpone, but kept the same programme, and the 4pm start. This worked well for a winter concert and we have a good audience. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Handel and Telemann and in the first half I contributed a sweet little song by William Boyce – ‘Venus, to soothe my heart’ and Purcell’s first setting of ‘If music be the food of love’. I didn’t need my score but kept it on a music stand so that I could use a crib sheet for introductions.

However, the music stand belonged to the tall violinist and I felt it was a barrier between the audience and myself. When I stood up to sing Dido I moved the music stand to one side. I wanted Dido to be vulnerable and alone. I was a little nervous tackling such a well known piece, even though I had sung the part seven years ago in Nottingham, but as soon as the recit was done and Roy began the heart-wrenching ground base on the viola da gamba it all fell into place and Dido took over. The long silence when we finished was amazing and gratifying. What a pleasure to sing with these musicians again.