Archive | June 2013


So how come it has taken so long to report back on Dido?  I can only claim extreme business, and the excuse of two family weddings!  The evening exceeded all expectations, and everyone gave their best.  We gave the first ever performance of ‘Dover Beach’ by our own Colin Wolfe, enhanced by the beautiful oboe playing, and talented soloists. As for Dido – I was frustrated by a shaky start, by the fact that performance nerves can trip you up, however well things can go in performance.  But the show must go on, and I’m pleased to say the hiccup was quickly overcome and we went on to produce a most acceptable performance.

It was physically and mentally draining, and I’m glad I had spent so much time improving my fitness as well as practising the music.  After the death scene, it was easy to lie still under a shower of rose petals – I was exhausted!  And the enormity of what we had achieved only dawned on me when I heard the silence, then the applause.  It took a few minutes to come round, a fact that briefly worried the conductor!

We had really good feedback from the audience, dare I say rave reviews, with people coming up in tears, explaining how moved they had been.  I think the most gratifying quote was ‘sustained and intense’, and getting praise for the acting – such a new thing for me.  It was a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented and lovely people.