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Some enchanted evening…

In the past couple of weeks I have been taking a break from tragedy and heartbreak (much as I love Dido it can get a bit exhausting),  to prepare for a 50th wedding anniversary party.  It’s been fun researching the hits of the early 60s and matching up with songs in my repertoire.

I’m also pulling in some of their favourites, a bit of the Sound of Music and West Side Story, as well as the above mentioned classic from South Pacific.  I’ve not sung this before, as it is generally a man’s song, but it works well, and a bit of work with the score and backing track should have it ready by a week tomorrow!

I like doing this sort of party, and as I know the couple already, and several of their friends, I’ll be able to mingle and enjoy it too.  And hopefully get someone to save a plate of food from the buffet for me!