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Incanto II

The second rehearsal last night gave us a sense of how the performance of Dido and Aeneas will work.  And ‘Belinda’ and I have agreed that we need to be ‘off-book’ by the next rehearsal if possible – it’s too hard to sing, move, make gestures and turn pages all at once!  It was quite intense for the principals, working till almost 10pm in a cold church, but absorbing and enjoyable.

My next homework is working to keep the regular time of the declamatory passages.  Only then will I be able to  look at where I feel the need to pull back a little and where to move on, without losing the instrumentalists.  And  more stamina exercises!

But first I’m looking forward to reading essays by Imogen Holst and Robert Donington in a book on Purcell borrowed last night.  Sometimes I wish there wasn’t a day job to distract me – I could happily fill my days with study!