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Dido – queen of Carthage

Work moves on apace in preparation for a performance of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas in April.  The members of Incanto II met late in January in a cold church to talk through the forthcoming season and run through the music.  (Our little group is now in it’s second incarnation with some of the original members, but with some exciting new additions in the form of talented singers).

Dido is a fascinating role to play, full of complexity and I’ve been steeping myself in the myths and stories of this strong but ultimately tragic queen of Carthage.  I’ve also been building stamina in the gym to bring a little more ‘weight’ to the role!

I love Purcell’s music; I can get absorbed in dissecting just a few bars and find that an hour has gone by.  The current challenge is to find the four emotions for the repetitions in Dido’s first entry – ‘Ah Belinda’, act them out in rehearsals and finally assimilate them into a streamlined performance.  It is  tiring work, difficult at times as you draw on your own experiences and emotions, but it will be worth it.