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Kirkby Festival Hall concert

2nd December brought the first Christmas carols of the season in the Festival Hall in Kirkby in Ashfield.

The Kirkby churches together committee approached me to sing for them again, after the successful concert last year.  It has been such a busy time that I chose easy old favourites, a simple Silent night, as free from vibrato as possible,  to be followed by White Christmas, in the style of Ella Fitzgerald with the ‘palm trees’ introduction.  There was almost disaster when  I discovered that the local school had also chosen this!  A quick confer with the teacher and we decided on a combined performance, with me providing the introduction.  They’re great kids and it worked well.

The brass band did us proud, and the children’s bell-ringing and singing was a cute as ever.  All in all an enjoyable afternoon.  I must remember always to have extra pieces prepared though, just in case!