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Bach Choir rehearsal

Paul Hale directing the Nottingham Bach Choir in rehearsal

Another tiring but satisfying rehearsal for Nottingham Bach Choir.  We are preparing for our next  concert at the end of June and things are finally starting to take shape.  The main challenge is a new piece by a local composer, David Machell.  He wrote his Gloria as a partner piece for Vivaldi’s Gloria, using the same instrumentation and structure as far as possible, and we are presenting the world première at the end of June.

It is a great privilege to work with the composer and have direct insight into his thoughts and inspirations for the piece, but nerve-wracking as we try to deliver his vision and do justice to the wonderful music.

I first met David many years ago when I was having some tension problems in my jaw and neck,  which was really affecting my vocal tone. Among other things David is a vocal coach, and I worked with him for about two years, working in a holistic way to release the tension and free the voice.  He also encouraged me to sing in a lower register, adding an octave to my range and helping me to develop my middle notes which he later described as having a ‘warm Autumn colour’.

David and his wife Val are well known in Nottingham for their contribution to music making for both amateurs and young people through music workshops and other events.