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Singing at the Edif Piaf Theatre, Normandy

The end of April found me on a long weekend in the picturesque town of Bernay in Normandy for ‘We are the World’ concert in the Edith Piaf Theatre. This beautiful old theatre was a great setting for a varied programme by a line up of international musicians.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to change styles, following Mozart and Gounod (the famous Jewel song from Faust) with a slot later in the show to showcase some Ella Fitzgerald numbers. These received a great reception, and I enjoyed creating a different atmosphere with an unaccompanied version of ‘Miss Otis regrets’ followed by a slow and, I’m told, spellbinding ‘My funny valentine’.

The main act were an amazing, energetic and creative band from the Netherlands, consisting of musicians from different nationalities – The Desperadoes – ‘Brothers from Different Mothers’.

It was a great night, worth all the hard work, and many thanks go to the organiser, Pauline Winkelaar who worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly. She also contributed as part of the show as she is a talented jazz vocalist. My fiance and I, and all the ‘boys’ from the band stayed at Pauline’s Bed and Breakfast, where there was much music, laughter and plenty of alcohol!  We were made very welcome by Harvey, head of security!